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Welcome to Cherokee Path

~The Gathering Place~

The proposed Cherokee Path Community Development will be designed and built within the JustBeGreen Villages America’s Land Plan. The following footprint components will represent 6 individual destination creators.  

The Cherokee Path Health & Wellness Center is to be an all-encompassing medical treatment complex that incorporates both traditional acute and post-acute pathways with the added, essential dimensions of Wellness programming specific to maintaining quality of life and recovery through nontraditional and holistic approaches. It is the goal of the Cherokee Path Health & Wellness Center’s focus is to  promote and assist wellness and preventable healthcare with technologically advanced, LEED certified, residential setting.

The Cherokee Path Health & Wellness Center recognizes the fluidity of healthcare reimbursement models and will exercise great care to forecast the evolving trends toward reimbursed residential healthcare delivery and the strategic advantages of technological efficiencies. 

Overview of all Cherokee Path Wellness Center Services;

Spa Services

Nutritional Classes and consultation

Weight Loss programs

Licensed Counseling (LCWW) Services

Support Group Sessions (PTSD/AA/OA)

Chaplaincy Services

Music Therapy

Intergenerational Support Coordination

Educational Series- Guest Lecturers

Chiropractor and Acupuncture

 Aquatic Therapy

Exercise in Physiology and Cardio Training

Yoga Classes